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The history of wealth management teaches us that wealth preservation and wealth growth are fundamentally driven by Four Fundamental Strength. The systematic implementation of these Four Fundamental Strengths is our consistent policy on all our offered wealth management solutions, products, services and at any stage of the investment as well as our internal processes.
The Exchange is a central marketplace for carbon credits. The Exchange has a traditional trading architecture and uses distributed ledger technology to securitize carbon credits into digital tokens (receipts) representing a clear line of ownership between the carbon credits held in the Trust and the digital receipt (Token). Like in traditional commodity exchanges, owners of Tokens can request physical delivery of the underlying carbon credits.
Eco-Tech Company Working together to empower sustainability Raised by the earth, inspired by the stars, we care about our planet, we ArKTos
A New Standard for Nature-Based Solutions TRUST: Eco-blockchain - no double "spending and claiming" ​ TRACEABILITY: Monitoring, visualisation and reporting ​ TRANSPARENCY: Satellite and IoT sensing framework ​ VIRTUOUS CYLE: Certification of CO2e and others proof of Impact ​ REVENUES SHARING: Marketplace and Digital Certificates
Carbon Sync projects are built around the twin promises of carbon sequestration. Drawing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the soil will help you to increase the fertility and productivity of your agricultural land, giving you the ability to generate income from carbon credits.
Supply Chain Solutions Traceability & Transparency for all stakeholders including farmer, cooperative, processor, exporter, freight agent, importer/agent, client and consumer.
Our intrinsically motivated team of Eco-Warriors, Eco-Ambassadors, Advisors, Partners, Associates and Supporters from all over the world has kept envirolizer on check to the right direction. The combined experiences, expertise and network has given envirolizer the ability to reach customers, growers and farmers which enable them make farming practice a success. It’s never too late to join us! As they said, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. And together, we can make a difference!
FLINTpro supports the information needs of the growing global climate finance sector. Our state of the art data analysis platform provides consistent, accurate and accessible information to rapidly calculate, track and forecast greenhouse gas emissions from changes in land use. FLINTpro’s online software-as-a-service platform, derived from decades of real-world experience, dramatically improves an organisations’ ability to manage land-sector resource use and cost effectively report and monitor.
A world where international climate finance efficiently and directly serves the interests and rights of local communities to a clean and resilient development focused on inclusive welfare.
We use the results of our agricultural research activity to create powerful algorithmic models, which facilitate strategic and operational decision-making for stakeholders in the world of agriculture and food.
microBIOMETER® is a low cost, 20-minute on-site soil test for microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio that allows you to quickly determine the health of your soil. Frequent retesting will provide you with the data necessary to identify if your soil management practices are working. microBIOMETER® is a patented product manufactured by Prolific Earth Sciences Corporation in Montgomery, New York. US Patent numbers 10,179,926, 9,315,849 and 11,268,125.
Using industry grade measures to collect information, we scan and analyze hundreds of millions of trees, providing you with the most comprehensive and dependable metrics per tree.
The SmartB platform converts projects societal and environmental impact into verified impact assets. These assets will allow for the equitable valuation of positive impact, fuelling impact investments and funding new sustainable projects.
This product has been developed over the last 20 years by agronomists. They have been involved in the hands-on development of commercial agriculture all of their lives and realised many years ago that the conventional practice of chemical industrial agriculture were damaging soil biology to such an extent that growing healthy plants is becoming almost impossible. They applied themselves relentlessly to developing a natural method of rehabilitating biologically dead soil that could be applied to large scale commercial farming.
Smarten up green urbanism. At TreeTracker, we believe trees are at the heart of cities, making them more sustainable, more resilient, more beautiful. Putting deep learning algorithms to work, we set out to smarten up urban planning, tree maintenance and environmental reporting.

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