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Nicolas is a globetrotter and a visionary who has built cutting edge technology businesses in both hemispheres from the ground up. Specialized in data management and analytics, he has helped reducing the energy footprint of large buildings using data correlation algorithms. Currently based in Switzerland, his data driven approach with a knack for connecting the dots aims at solving complex environmental issues. Convinced that collaborative work is key to tackle the current climate issue, he is implementing change of practice in projects removing CO2, N2O and CH4 from the atmosphere, partnering with best in class companies measuring and validating the results. The company he is running, Biodiver.City, has presence in Switzerland, France and Australia.
I Started my carrier in industrial mineral trade in Switzerland, later moving on to dimensional stones and machines for the building industry. I spent over 20 years in Australia and New Zealand, running a successful wholesale company, based in Sydney, Melbourne and the Goldcoast, covering Australia and New Zealand. Specialised in implementing sales and distribution management as well as product and technology sourcing and subsequent logistics. Now looking forward to being involved in a company with a great environmental goal to make a difference through the production and distribution of chemical free agricultural products and cutting edge technology to measure performance for future research and development.
Having spent three decades in the financial industry, be it as a senior private banker, member of investment committees with a financial analysis and economics background, or as company co-founder in the quant strategies’ combat ring, Chris, Greek-born and Swiss resident, devoted himself to exploring the versatility of blockchain, vastness of the crypto universe and abundance of smart technology solutions that address climate change. And is a strong proponent of the notion that environmental awareness and capital growth are on no account antithetical.

Associates & Know-how

With a multidisciplinary background in agronomy, microbiology, organic chemistry and biochemistry, Isabella started her career in 1994 with various projects of bioremediation in soils, sediments, and wastewater treatments plants, sometimes polluted by very toxic organic compounds, even radioactive. Her experience was built on the confrontation of her scientific training with the realities of ecosystems, from there by combining several technologies she was able to record very positive results. In 1997, she returned to her passion, plants and soils, with microorganisms and bio stimulants as allies, to create ranges of fertilizers and plant protection products accepted in organic farming, for the retail and the professional market. In connection with technical networks and farmers in France and Italy (ITAB, AIAB, GRAB), she has supported collaborative research projects to experiment with natural solutions in the field. As a consultant, she has also acquired skills for marketing alternative solutions, with the need to adapt or to transform regulations.
Christoph “touched” down” in Africa in 1976 and knew he would want to return to help this beautiful content’s people. Christoph spent time in 75 countries during his many work-related activities before returning to Switzerland in 1998, where he worked in IT as software architect, software designer, programmer, trainer and provided custom process solutions for many multinational Fortune 500 companies in Switzerland, Europe and Asia. In 2007, sourcing raw materials in Africa brought him back to the continent where he’s worked most of the time in many African countries in the supply chain business, learning the ropes “on the ground and in the bush”, so to speak, working with farmers, cooperatives, processors, transporters and exporters be become an expert practitioner in various value chains such as coffee, cocoa, oilpalm, coconut, exotic fruit and cash crops. In 2014, needing to support his consulting work with proper tools, he re-booted his IT skills and started again with some of his former teams to develop software to implement traceability solutions for the entire supply chain from farm2fork. Christoph’s interest in farmer resilience, sound environment, water and healthy soils and nutrient-dense food production for farmers and consumers, he started working with well-known agroecology- and agroforestry experts and supports international organizations and companies all over Africa, promoting, designing, implementing and designing resilient, highly profitable agroforestry systems for smallholders as well as for industrial plantations.
Thanos is a problem solver. Having subscribed himself to studying the laws of physics and high level math in his university years, he committed to software engineering soon after graduation and continues honing his skills ever since. Be it in his capacity as an expert on software and DB architecture, on a number of programming languages and libraries with unpronounceable names, versioning, web-markups and performing evaluation and research on digital technologies for the retail, shipping, prediction modules, etc. Or by joining forces with other experts in the sustainable energy field over an almost-decade-long stretch of time, with data analysis, efficiency planning & monitoring and even more R&D…But also by picking the chords of his Fender Strat, or fencing under Historical European Martial Arts rules. He lives at the foot of Mount Hymettus on the east side of the Athens basin.
Leading a multi-sector company with more than 20 years experience, offering multiple solutions in agriculture, building and renovation, energy management and event planning. Saber is a natural leader in many sectors and strongly committed to offer effective cutting-edge, eco-responsible and environmentally sustainable solutions. I am particularly focusing on the Moroccan and African farmer in order to improve productivity and profitability of crops while preserving resources.
Mr. George Markogiannakis is, Mechanical Engineer, MSc., certified upper class Energy Auditor and Energy Inspector, Energy Consultant, with expertise in energy saving and renewable energy sources, energy policy and energy planning at International, National, Regional and Corporate level. His experience record includes energy studies, energy inspections and audits (over 400 audits in buildings and industries), ESCO projects, feasibility studies, research & technological development. He has participated in several technical committees for the development of codes and technical guidelines. He has provided technical and academic support. Consultant in development of ISO 50001 energy management system and in development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans and others.

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