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Nicolas is a globetrotter and a visionary who has built cutting edge technology businesses in both hemispheres from the ground up. Currently based in Switzerland, his data driven approach with a knack for connecting the dots aim at solving complex environmental issues. Convinced that collaborative work is key to tackle the current climate issue, he is willing to use his investment platform as fuel for running projects removing CO2 from the atmosphere.
Having spent three decades in the financial industry, be it as a senior private banker, member of investment committees with a financial analysis and economics background, or as company co-founder in the quant strategies’ combat ring, Chris, Greek-born and Swiss resident, devoted himself to exploring the versatility of blockchain, vastness of the crypto universe and abundance of smart technology solutions that address climate change. And is a strong proponent of the notion that environmental awareness and capital growth are on no account antithetical.
I started driving tractors as early as 10yrs old. I finished in an academic high school and could go to University where I obtained a Horticultural degree. Then followed a 2 year compulsory army training and deployment where I chose to work as an agricultural extension officer in backward rural areas. Then followed a 4 year job in the Dept. of Agriculture in South Africa also as an extension officer. Seeing opportunities in Zambia after the democratic elections in 1990 I moved to Zambia and obtained 3000ha tribal lands that I have converted into a conservancy. It is here that I developed TerraWell as a soil remedy looking at what is being done in the world and how things work in nature.


Leading a multi-sector company with more than 20 years experience, offering multiple solutions in agriculture, building and renovation, energy management and event planning. Saber is a natural leader in many sectors and strongly committed to offer effective cutting-edge, eco-responsible and environmentally sustainable solutions. I am particularly focusing on the Moroccan and African farmer in order to improve productivity and profitability of crops while preserving resources.
Hunting has always been part of humanity and I strongly believe that it is today one of the most successful way to protect and save what is left of our biodiversity in the wilderness. Wildlife thrives in balanced flora environment, and all what plants really need is a healthy soil and some water. Saving the soil is key, mother nature will do the rest. Of course, it is not as simple as it looks, and strict game management strategies need to be followed. This is where we are part of the solution, by saving what is left of true wilderness areas through sustainable hunting, and by turning damaged previously intensive farming areas to fauna and flora sanctuaries again. I was born in France and moved to South Africa in 1994 where I founded Grand Safari. Through Grand Safari international tourism activities, mostly specialised in sport’s hunting, we create jobs in remote areas, we produce the most organic meat, we protect and rehabilitate damaged flora, we give value to fauna and encourage local population to, once again, become the custodians of that heritage.
Thanos is a problem solver. Having subscribed himself to studying the laws of physics and high level math in his university years, he committed to software engineering soon after graduation and continues honing his skills ever since. Be it in his capacity as an expert on software and DB architecture, on a number of programming languages and libraries with unpronounceable names, versioning, web-markups and performing evaluation and research on digital technologies for the retail, shipping, prediction modules, etc. Or by joining forces with other experts in the sustainable energy field over an almost-decade-long stretch of time, with data analysis, efficiency planning & monitoring and even more R&D…But also by picking the chords of his Fender Strat, or fencing under Historical European Martial Arts rules. He lives at the foot of Mount Hymettus on the east side of the Athens basin.
Marius has coordinated operations of companies from the ground up in marketing services and technology industry across the last 10+ years in Romania. He is specialized in product development, complete solutions design and private capital raising. Believing in technology as the main tool for transforming people's lives for the better, he is focused on taking his beliefs to a global scale.
I am a great communicator at all levels, highly motivated and striving to bring out the best in others. I work well within a team environment, as well as being able to take charge when required. I am able to make a significant contribution to any business by identifying areas for improvement and future opportunities, by drawing on my wealth of knowledge and having hands on experience in all aspects of running my own project management and building companies since 1990. I believe my flexibility, interpersonal skills and experience gives me “the edge” in making this world a better place by looking after our environment with developing new age technologies into to the future, Just remember 80% of our workforce today will be working in areas in 20 years’ in time that we have not invented to-date.
Dan is a cross-country experienced entrepreneur, with long-term focus on impacting the world for good, by using the symbiosis between technology, organizational new development models and re-imagining the global business cooperation between ecosystem partners. He has behind him 20 years of work experience on both sides of the table (corporations & startups) across industries (organizational development and process optimization, advertising and technology), mostly on strategy, business and product development, with the last 5 dedicated to venture capital raising and IoT technology deployment across territories in SEE.

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